And so it began...

Guy and I met in high school and after a long friendship, started dating just a few months before we graduated. Guy stayed in our hometown Palmdale, California, attending a local college while I moved nearly 200 miles away to attend San Diego State University. After a year and a half of working very hard at a long distance Guy proposed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on February 17th, 2007. I said yes after a few moments of utter confusion. Guy moved to San Diego in June of 2007 and we adopted our little dog, Cooper. Since then we have been enjoying beautiful sunny San Diego along with the adventures that always seem to ensue and as the time for me to graduate draws near , we have decided to finally tie the knot.


Rachel. 21 years old.  Hoosier turned Southern Californian. Book conisuire. Nap lover. Comic collector. Animal activist.  A wee bit awkward. Nearly always good for a laugh. Cubbies fan unto death. In love with Guy.


Guy. 21 years old. Wonderfully Bespectacled. Born and bred Californian.  Gamer.  Fixer of broken electronics. In love with Rachel.


Utterly ridiculous in every way. Campers. Hikers. Road Trip Takers. Adventures. Friends. Goof Balls. Sort of really into each other.

and then there were three, Cooper.

Cooper Frederick. 10 and 1/2 years old. Certified Mutt. Tennis Ball Chaser. Big dog in a little body. Vanquisher of all evil including stuffed toys and packs of gum. Old man with the spirit of a puppy. Thing 1. Our boy.

Scout, the new addition

Scout. The Pup. Miniature Schnauzer. Our little hellion. Destroyer of tennis balls. Quite a challenge. Cooper's baby sister. High spirited. Vanquisher of socks. Cuddle bug. Mischievous. Thing 2. Our girl.