The Wedding Party.

These are some of our nearest and dearest friends and family. They have most graciously accepted the task of helping us on this most special day and for that we owe them out greatest thanks for that. You guys are fairly awesome.


Maid of Honor:

Carly has been my best friend for many a moon and we've been willingly dragged through the mud for each other and have enjoyed some of our greatest moments together as well. She is my very best friend upon who I can always depend for brutal honesty and a good laugh.



Liz and I have always referred to ourselves as "best cousins" and she is so much fun to be around. Despite the fact that we live on separate sides of the country, we always manage to pick up right where we left off whenever we get a chance to talk or see each other.



Michael is a friend that I met while slaving away at my very first job. In fact she actually trained me, sort of. Anyway, since then we've gone from co-workers to friends. She's one of the few people I can stand to talk to for hours and do pretty much every time we manage to get together. Plus she likes comic books and that makes her awesome.


Best Man:

Garrett and I have been friends for a long time- even longer than Rachel and Carly! Even though we're in different states now, we still get together when we can to go camping. We tend to end up stumbling upon radioactive sites when together, but it works out usually...


Grooms Man:

Spencer is Rachel's younger brother, and he's the comic relief for the wedding party. He takes after his dad in both talent and temperament which makes him our resident artist and comic-book trivia extraordinaire. He's always cracking jokes and keeping things lively.


Grooms Man:

Luke is my younger brother, and I've been the boss as long as he's been alive. We usually get sucked into heated debates over video games and anime, but always have fun.



Nick is Rachel's cousin and a really awesome kid. As you can tell from the picture he is following in the Jedi footsteps of Mace Windu and that alone makes him one cool cat. We can't wait to see him all spiffed up for the wedding! Maybe if we are lucky he will bring his lightsaber and show us how its done.