Actually, just one dress, mine. It's picked out and will be ordered Friday when I get a chance to go pay for it.

We got our passport pictures taken today and have an appointment to get all the paperwork situated Friday. Europe here we come!


We have our complete tasting for our reception dinner on Tuesday night and our cake tasting/planning meeting is Thursday night. At some point Carly and I are going out for sushi and some wedding planning.

The invitations have been picked out, now we are just waiting for our tasting to get the menus finished up, then we can order those and have that all finished up.
Florist is picked out and we are working on getting deposits where they need to be.


 Could it be possible that we may be moving towards the idea of progress? Friday October 17th has been dubbed wedding planning day. Guy and I both actually have the day off . I have a mere three hours of work in the morning but Guy will probably still be asleep at the point anyway. Our day is as follows

10AM to Noonish?: Possibly Men's warehouse to look at suits so Guy can pick out what he wants to wear for the wedding.

High Noon: Pre-Marriage Counseling Session 1 which is a few months late and our Pastor is not to happy with us about it according to Guy who spoke to him on Saturday. Hopefully is will go fairly smoothly.

2PM: Meeting with Creative Concepts Events to discuss linens, chair covers, tables and possibly some draping depending on the budget of course.

315PM Cake Tasting @ The French Gourmet. Fortunately our cake is included in our reception package. Not only is it included but we have 5 highly recommended bakeries to choose from. With that said, let the cake tasting begin!

430PM: Meeting with Lovely Fountains & Chair Covers which sounds sort of ridiculous but we are shopping around for the best prices in town. Of course we want our linens to be high quality and thus we must go look at all of them.