With just two weeks to go, we are almost done. We are just getting place cards and all the rest of the little details put together.  We can't wait to see all of you!


The first set of invitations went out today. Check your mail box. We are hoping to have all of them out by Monday.


I posted some of our engagement pictures on the Photographs page for those of you interested. We think they turned out really well.


Guy and I both officially have our passports in hand. The invitations will be ordered (with the rush delivery option) come monday. And hopefully in our hands within four weeks. 

The registries portion of the website has been updated but comes with an disclaimer. They are in progress. We haven't completed any of them but recently we have gotten a lot of questions so there is a start. 


+Guy's Passport
+Wedding Bands

In Process:
+Rachel's Passport
+Lodging in Europe
+Engagement Pictures
+Pre-marital Counseling
+Rehearsal Dinner


Actually, just one dress, mine. It's picked out and will be ordered Friday when I get a chance to go pay for it.

We got our passport pictures taken today and have an appointment to get all the paperwork situated Friday. Europe here we come!


Cake was ordered last night! All done with that except we need to pick out our ribbon. Beyond that we have nothing else to do with it except eat in on the big day.

Dinner is all set with the exception of the horderves dinner is all ready to go. We have selected some amazing dinner for you all.

Dress should be ordered this weekend. Yay. Things are getting done.


We have our complete tasting for our reception dinner on Tuesday night and our cake tasting/planning meeting is Thursday night. At some point Carly and I are going out for sushi and some wedding planning.

The invitations have been picked out, now we are just waiting for our tasting to get the menus finished up, then we can order those and have that all finished up.
Florist is picked out and we are working on getting deposits where they need to be.


I added pictures to the following pages...

And content to

In other news the invitations have been chosen. Now we are just working on ordering them in the colors we want.


Yesterday I went to try on wedding dresses. I can't believe how much some of them are! I think for the sake of my sanity and the lack of time I am going to
choose one of the two. I was never one of those girls who thought they were going to find the dress. I like both of these and would have no problem wearing either. I will probably give my mom the last say in this matter.

On other fronts we know what flowers we want but have yet to sign a florist.

Things are coming along although slowly. Keep checking back, new stuff will be posted frequently in the following weeks!